Question Your Leaders: Why Blind Obedience is Dangerous

Question Your Leaders: Why Blind Obedience is Dangerous

***This article discusses societal and religious deception. If you are easily triggered by topics such as these, it's likely in your best interest to skip this one. If you do choose to read on, please remember to only take what resonates, and disregard the rest.  Let us also remember, even when we do not fully agree, the beliefs and religious values of others (as long as they are not abusive or harmful) should be respected at all times.


In 2021, a film entitled ‘Operation Mincemeat’ was released chronicling the true story of a British military operation that was enacted during World War II, and aimed to “play a humiliating trick on Hitler.” As the story goes, in 1943 during the height of the war, Operation Mincemeat was put into play in hopes of winning back Europe by planting false information that detailed the Allied’s battle plans. Long story short, fake classified documents were placed directly into the hands of German forces in an attempt to control where Hitler would position his troops so that the Allied forces could swing the odds of victory in their favor. Spoiler alert… It worked. The movie is all about the art of deception, and goes on to say and show that lying, impersonation and the use of misinformation is how wars are really won. 

“In the hidden war, truth is protected by a bodyguard of lies.” 

Unfortunately, these same types of manipulation tactics are being used on the general population. By lying, and with an army of tainted influencers at their disposal, Power Mongers today are using every trick in the book to keep the public from waking up to understand the role they play in the war between Good and Evil. 


Power Mongers: The Bodyguards of Lies

The Controllers. The Illuminati. The 1%. The unnameable "They." Whatever you choose to call them, Power Mongers are the polar opposite of real leaders. Instead of equals and fellow citizens, they see themselves as royal, elite or superior to others, and seek to maneuver themselves to the top of the food chain. 

To do this, these types of people use coercion and deception as basic tools to gain power (or keep it), not trusting they can get what they want from others organically. Power Mongers are authoritarian in nature and do not recognize God-given rights, but only the privileges that he or she decides to grant. Becoming consensual with Darkness, they are corrupted by the ability to wield power and control over the masses.

Rather than avoid chaos, a Power Monger purposefully creates it as an opportunity to cause fear and panic so that more people succumb to the desire for the protection, and false sense of security that the Power Monger will offer to provide. –but at the end of the day, a Power Monger is selfish, doing good for others only if it will increase their personal power and status. This creates very dangerous individuals and organizations who will do, and say anything to retain their stolen power. 

Power Mongers are not specific to particular genders, races, wealth brackets, political parties, or religious affiliations.  Power Mongers can be found at ​​all levels of society, from familial units to international groups and businesses, but those with an appetite for high-levels of power generally seek to grow their influence over larger and larger circles of underlings, like governments, religious and spiritual organizations, charities and non-profits or global businesses, publications and media conglomerates. These companies, organizations, and ruling governmental bodies are typically set up in a hierarchical fashion with workers, members and representatives having only limited, partial, compartmentalized or even falsified knowledge of the actual ongoing operations, and the intent behind them.  

By way of Dark energy and secrecy, these controlling individuals, and entities have set us, the general population, up inside of a type of modern-day fiefdom that is veiled by false-freedoms, and a sense of authority that works to pacify and prevent dissent.

Inside this mostly Patriarchal system, Power Mongers are allowed to traumatize, terrorize, use, misinform and profit off of the public as consumers, donors and taxpayers, while also implementing debt slavery, and encouraging materialism, narcissism, tyrannical misogyny and Dark Sexuality. This is done in order to disempower, enslave and distract us so that we are weakened, and mostly ignorant to what is actually going on. When we are intentionally kept in states of fear for our own survival through things like debt, divorce, illness, pandemics or territorial warring, and are heartbroken from personal trauma, we tend to freeze up, or fight amongst ourselves to the point that we are unable to ever fully notice, or successfully rise up against Darkness and the Power Mongers who are the real cause of our suffering, exploitation and abuse. This is how a few can control the many so easily.


Good vs Evil

Think about it. If you are a ruling Power Monger who is trying to preserve your authority and control over the masses, it would be very important for you to take steps that would prevent your curious minions from finding information that could liberate them from your control.  Naturally, your best defense strategy would be to pose as an avenue of that sought after freedom in order to redirect these stray sheep back towards yourself without them recognizing that they are actually being deceived, and re-herded. You would set a trap. You would become a wolf in a liberated sheep's clothing, giving them a false sense of freedom in a new (yet still controlled) pasture. Believe it or not, this is being done right now. 

Unfortunately, much of the Truther, New Age, and Spiritual Ascension material that is available online, and in the mainstream today contains falsified information that is planted in order to corral, and identify individuals who are truly looking for the awakening path. Inline with this strategy, abbreviated, inverted and falsified “knowledge” that professes to help a person extract themselves from the Matrix is freely given because they know the individual won’t be able to get very far with half-truths. In actuality, this dissemination of false “truth” is another coordinated strike against humanity that creates a lucrative spiritual business model, and redirects dissenters back into controllable groups while sowing greater confusion. 

In this war for the soul, it is imperative that we wake up to the fact that Truth has been hijacked. Just like in Operation Mincemeat, “truth” is being used against us. 


False Light Fakers

There is Dark and there is Light, but there is also False Light, which is Darkness masquerading as Light. It is this False Light that is heavily used by controlling Power Mongers to manipulate, and confuse us as we embark upon the path to higher-planes of consciousness, Truth and freedom. 

False Light appears to its well-meaning victims as genuine Godforce, or sources of Goodness, higher-knowledge, and even religious teachings, but in actuality it is a conglomeration of inversions, half-truths and misinformation that allows Darkness the ability to infiltrate, and destroy our relationships, families and communities all while professing to be working in our best interest. We are dealing with a trickster that exploits ignorance, and lack of experience. 

False Light can take on many different forms such as gods, deities, aliens, false prophets, false angels or ascended masters, information, religious or spiritual teachings, symbols, governments, people, companies, political or social movements, causes and charities. This can include gurus, yogis, religious or spiritual leaders, healers, mediums, psychics, scientists, business magnates, politicians, academic leaders, mathematicians or decoders, activists, social workers, doctors, therapists, celebrities, athletes and many other types of thought-leaders and influential individuals.

Admittedly, this can begin to get confusing because False Light often hides behind a very public devotion to God, Christianity and other religious or spiritual labels. They credit and thank God for their accomplishments, even those that are attained by immoral, harmful and unethical means and at the expense of others. Some will even publicly claim to be “enlightened,” “gifted,” “holy,” “chosen,” or “empowered,” but they are in fact ushering in, and propagating False Light under the guise of being liberated, a white hat, a hero, a prophet, saintly, godly, in touch with a higher power or otherworldly source of knowledge.

“For such people are false apostles, deceitful workers, masquerading as apostles of Christ. And no wonder, for Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light.”                                                                               2 Corinthians 11:13-14

Evil often wears a beautiful mask, and will say all the right things. It is important to understand that just like a secret agent in a spy movie, masquerading Darkness has quietly infiltrated all areas and levels of our society. This includes hijacked, and corrupted leaders and influencers. As more people begin to seek higher-truths, justice and equality, the invasion of False Light becomes a bigger problem, as this is a tactic used to successfully circumvent authentic awakening, and create division (Divide and Conquer). –but there are true Lightbearers who are working to help free mankind. Thus, we must proceed with caution in discerning who is who. 

The only way to be able to tell the difference between the tricksters and the true Lightbearers is to do our own inner-work to cultivate, and strengthen the virtues we hold. When we develop a strong moral character our intuition naturally strengthens, too. Intuition, your gut instinct, is a real life superpower. We can strengthen our intuition by cleaning up gunky behaviors and habits which in turn raises our vibrational level. As we do this, it naturally becomes much easier to identify the imposters, and spot False Light traps, whether they be in the form of TikTok truthers, Youtube gurus or your local politicians.

Ambassadors of False Light, AKA False Light Fakers, come in all shapes and sizes, genders, sexual orientations, ethnicities, religions, live on both sides of the political aisle and are not exclusive to a particular wealth bracket. –but there are actually two sides to this coin:

  1. False Light Ambassadors are leaders, celebrities, influencers or spokespeople, who knowingly deceive, abuse and lead others astray by hiding behind a falsified version of God or Truth. This includes people who worship and serve Satanic or Luciferian energies, and get their kicks by acting as saboteurs.  
  2. False Light Ambassadors can include people who truly believe they are “in the right,” and feel they are acting in alignment with God or religious/spiritual/New Age teachings. They do not know or understand they are harming themselves, others, or professing falsity, and a misinformed message. (This can include people who whole-heartedly believe themselves to be the re-embodiment of religious and spiritual figures such as Jesus, Mary Magdalen, Thoth, various Ascended Masters, etc.)

To make matters worse and more confusing, many individuals in positions of leadership and influence are sincere and well-meaning, and yet they are still False Light Ambassadors. They do not know that they themselves are professing teachings, and furthering mindsets of falsity. As the saying goes, the best actor is one who is not acting. Remember, the majority of people are not “bad” people. Most truly have the best of intentions. They have simply been misled, or hijacked. This can include individuals who were raised from childhood to follow a specific religion or belief system, and it's all they know. 

In actuality, most of us do not personally choose our own way of thinking where spirituality is concerned. Whether it's a branch of Christianity, Mormonism, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Scientology, and so on, we are usually raised into a specific belief system or religious school of thought from childhood. For a majority of households, these ways of thinking are passed down from many generations before us, and hence have become a family tradition or expectation. Some individuals may come to question or shift their beliefs as they age and develop, but many do not simply because what we learn as “truth” in our formative years from the grownups we trust most typically imprints upon us very deeply.  This isn't intended to shift blame to our parents, ancestors and forefathers, but to instead illustrate how easily an entire bloodline can be tricked into believing a false truth through the use of edited or inaccurate information that was planted many moons ago.

Developing individual spirituality, and learning religion are very different things. No matter what doctrine we were raised with, or subscribe to now, it is important to come to understand that organized religion is man-made. While religion in general can offer us many divine nuggets of Truth, and help a person develop a strong moral compass, it is still routinely used as a mechanism of control. This is why it is imperative to seek out real Truth instead of over-identifying with religious or spiritual labels. Being led by labels lends to narrow mindedness, and black and white thinking. When we focus on labels, we begin to see anyone who does not label themselves in the same way we do as “wrong,” and as our enemy. This creates enemy patterning across cultures, and is a tactic of Divide and Conquer. It also limits us greatly if we allow our ego to automatically shut down truthful information simply because it wasn't taught in whatever version of Sunday School we attended. In order to mature spiritually, we have to want real Truth more than we want to be part of a specifically labeled church, group or belief system.  

“History is a set of lies agreed upon by the victors of war.”

As we let go of labels and do the deep research, we will find that since the beginning of recorded history, history itself, sacred texts, religious material, the knowledge of alchemy, gnosis, mystery school teachings, ascension mechanics and other Truth principles have been destroyed, distorted, falsified and thwarted by Darkness and Power Mongers in order to maintain control over the population. (An easy example of this are the numerous books and passages that were edited or omitted from certain translations/versions of the Bible throughout the course of history simply because they did not fit with this or that Church’s particular viewpoint [or goals] at the time.) Although some were more edited than others, no mainstream religious or sacred text was spared from this type of Dark interference. As Truth was hidden and skewed globally, spiritual teachings that were repackaged and deemed suitable for public consumption by these controllers purposefully incorporated lies, narcissism, misogyny, false identities, occult influences, martyrdom, blood sacrifice practices, blackmagic and Lunar worship. This was done in order to sabotage true human liberation, and to keep us looping in Darkness while squabbling over what is actually true, and which religion is "right." 

As the infiltration of False Light continues to progress, hordes of kind-hearted people are routinely duped by misinformation and leaders that pretend or believe themselves to be authentic Lightbearers. These False Light Ambassadors can also include people that have experienced angelic, alien or other-worldy encounters that they believe to be authentic and truthful experiences, but were in fact Dark deceptions by imposters pretending to be beings of Light. These types of authentic experiences do indeed happen. True Godsouce (and guardians) will talk to you, but so will the Darkness and Anti-Christ forces. It's up to you to learn how to discern which is which without letting your negative ego make the determination for you. You do not want to go blindly following every “light” you encounter, as it may in fact be Lucifer the Lightbearer in disguise, and working to play a deadly trick on you.

This actually happened to me in 2018 when I was still living in New Orleans. During this time, I had multiple experiences where beings were presenting themselves to me as archangels, and were encouraging me to do and believe certain things.  At first, it was very exciting. –I mean who wouldn’t want to be visited by angels? –but I couldn’t shake the feeling in my gut that told me something wasn’t quite right. –and it wasn’t. When I began looking deeper and questioning these beings, I found out very quickly that instead of angels these were negative entities/demonics that were masquerading as Lightbeings. They were attempting to get me to bind myself to them, and do their bidding through my own ignorance. Making the realization that it wasn’t actually messengers from Godsource was a buzzkill, and it would have been very easy to allow my ego to override what my gut and heart already knew because no one wants to admit they’ve been tricked. –but it was just that. –a trick. Now, when I hear anyone saying they are taking orders from angelic beings, having visions of Jesus, Archangel Michael, or channeling some sort of extraterrestrial who is on a humanitarian mission, I know first hand that you have to be very, very careful to make sure it isn’t an imposter. You can not automatically assume the beings that you or someone else is getting information from are good influences whose directions should be followed unquestioningly. You must question the source of everything, even angels. –and the real ones won’t mind you double checking. 

This should also be kept in mind when you hear influencers and leaders saying things like “follow the light.” This type of rhetoric has become downright trendy, and we need to be able to discern what type of “light” they are referring to, understanding that just because someone references this does not mean that it is true Godsource Light. It could be False Light. 

The truth is many leaders, influencers and celebrities publicly credit God for their accomplishments and thank him for their blessings, or say they are a vessel that God is working through, but the “god” they are referencing is actually a Dark imposter. Some are really referring to Satan. They call him god, father, savior, and king of kings, too. It’s sick, I know. 

Many affluent people also hide behind God, the name of Jesus and the like because they know doing so will automatically garner portions of the masses to them. This tactic is used to sell products, people, movies, music, merchandise, lifestyles and ideas. Ultimately, this is mockery, and also adds to confusion where goodhearted people begin to think well, so and so talked about God in his Oscars acceptance speech, or on the campaign trail, or after winning the Super Bowl, so he must be a good guy. This is not necessarily the case. You must look deeper.

Mentally exhausted yet? As always, that’s the point. The use of False Light is part of sophisticated, and sociopathic confusion tactics. These mind games are meant to bewilder and bemuse anyone who is trying to wake up so they end up saying “whatever, this is crazy,” and move along in favor of watching their favorite TV show without asking anymore questions. –but we must continue to ask questions even when the answers we get seem nuts, inconvenient, or even painful. With the infiltration of False Light affecting all levels of society, we must be willing to question ourselves, our leaders, role models, influencers and those we take advice from so that we do not end up finding ourselves blindly misguided, abused and taken off course.

“Question your leaders” does not mean asking them “hey, are you lying to me?” … The ones who are consciously trying to deceive you will never admit their true intentions. Instead, this means determining if a leader's behavior, speech, actions and message are in alignment with moral virtue, principles of trustworthiness and sexual ethics. Once we begin to develop high character traits within ourselves it becomes easier to spot in others. As you work to become more virtuous yourself, your gut and heart will lead you towards the correct conclusion when it comes to discerning the identity of false prophets very quickly, like a sixth sense. 

If you do detect someone who fits this parasitic faker profile, simply stop giving them your attention (your energy). There are of course constructive, respectful ways to share your stance with others, and there are times when it is downright necessary, but under no circumstances should we ever initiate or provoke aggressive confrontation. We must keep our wits about us, and resist reactionary outbursts whether online or in real-life. It is not your job to shut these people down or fix the brainwashed masses through things like spammy social media comment crusades or public heckling. This type of behavior is an indicator of our own shadow still at play. As my mother always says, "just put it in your information bank." Sometimes thats all we really need to do. 

When working to make a determination of False Light, remember to first look inside yourself, making sure you are not projecting your own struggles, anger, envy or fantasy onto the person or group unjustly. Witch hunts are born from fear, and are never the work of true Godsource. 

I think its important to implore that imperfect people are used to do God’s perfect work even though it can look unorthodox from time to time. Just because someone is not living in full alignment with true Godsource, virtues or the principles of sexual ethics, does not necessarily mean all of what they offer or teach should be discredited, or that they should be shunned. –but it is important to be aware that there are many, many fakers out there who know exactly what they are doing, and have no problem harming others.

Whether it's a thought leader or community organizer found to be committing fraud, a spiritual guru taking advantage of followers sexually, a mega-church pastor robbing his congregation, or NGO’s harming children – We’ve all seen the documentaries, and heard the horror stories of leaders who portrayed themselves as being on an enlightened path, and then one day we learn they were in fact lying and abusing their power in grotesque ways. It really happens. This is understandably a very heart-breaking situation for their followers and supporters to cope with once they realize they’ve been duped. –but we should not hold ourselves or others in judegment for this. We must grasp that we are dealing with highly sophisticated deceptions, and levels of mind control that can easily ensnare anyone who is not fully aware of False Light and the Dark tactics that are being used against us. 

Compromised material, leaders and spiritual teachers will regularly use all the right words, appearing to be something they are not in order to gain money, power, fame, notoriety and adoration. Remember, money and power corrupts most people. So, just because a very cool, pretty or charming someone is being propped up as a leader, pastor, healer, celebrity, influencer or guru does not mean they should automatically be followed. We must strive to keep our autonomy intact, and use our power of discernment and principles of virtue to determine if a leader's actions and words align with the intention of benefiting Goodness and true Godliness that is devoid of deception, doublespeak, gaslighting, coercion, seduction, manipulation, misinformation, selfish motivation and power abuses.  

Detecting any level of narcissism in a leader should be considered a red flag when it comes to discerning situations of False Light. For example, a common tactic that corrupt leaders use is to horde information while in turn making grand predictions based upon this withheld knowledge. When these events come to fruition as “predicted” they hail themselves as all-knowing, and special. This is a trick. Anyone with access to the same knowledge, and information can make accurate “predictions.” In the same vein, these types will often create or allow problems to occur so that they can swoop in to help, and then be hailed as a genius or mighty savior by the public. Take some time to think about where you’ve seen this kind of thing before. You’ll likely begin to see the same personalities popping up over, and over again. 

Confidence and narcissism are very different things. Understanding the difference between the two, and becoming able to identify egocentric behavior and self-exalting speech will aid you greatly as you begin to consciously wade through the waters of False Light. 

Additionally, true leaders should be practicing what they preach, and this includes upholding principles of kindness, and not allowing themselves to be triggered into using abusive language or actions when they are faced with others who do not agree with their personal perspective. Many of today's "leaders" and thought influencers promote things like peace, kindness and love, but when someone disagrees with their religious stance, belief system, opinion or view of the world they lash out, using foul language, insults, sarcasm and the like to humiliate or belittle the other party.  Sometimes they will even threaten physical harm or violence, or say the other person is damned to hell because they do not believe or agree with XYZ. We see this a lot in politics, and in social movements world-wide. Be on the lookout for this kind of behavior, as it is an indicator of Darkness masquerading as Light. 

It’s important to grasp that even though it may seem like a leader or celebrity is “in control,” and welding sway over multimillion/billion dollar empires singlehandedly, they usually are not. Instead, many are paper tigers being used to do the bidding of Power Mongers, and are having their strings pulled behind the scenes through things like money motivation, debt and even blackmail. Sometimes, these leaders will even be led to think that they are still in control because growing their ego makes them more effective at manipulating the masses. 

With the help of mass and social media, Power Mongers have flooded our environment with misguided and hijacked leaders, influencers, athletes and role models that are being used as pawns to further False Light agendas. This is accomplished by steering them subconsciously with a monetized system that rewards specific behaviors, content and approved talking points. This creates a trickle down effect where people who are looking to attain notoriety, fame and reach begin to mimic successful influencers, and the types of content they see being propped up by algorithms that are programmed to favor and spread False Light rhetoric and concepts (including dark femininity and dark sexuality).  Mainstream or not, in cases where people are being propped up, and are suddenly gaining a large following out of the blue, it is important to “follow the money.” Many times, following the money and sponsorship trail all the way to its source will shine a light on who or what is actually behind a person's rise to fame or celebrity status, and a better discernment in terms of False Light can be made. 


Facing the Ugly Truth

Whether follower or leaders themselves, when faced with the Truth, it can be difficult for a person to accept that they’ve been tricked, and they will become triggered to double-down, and attack the source of the information that is trying to liberate them. This routinely includes painting the other party as jealous or a “hater.” Once a person has invested time or money toward supporting a hijacked belief system, religion, social movement, celebrity or leader, the prideful negative ego will not want to admit that they have been fooled. This ego reaction is of course expected, and is all part of the plan to keep us fighting over which Truths are actually accurate, and further lends to Divide and Conquer. 

Oftentimes we come to a point where we feel like we “know” certain leaders, artists or celebrities, and we don’t want to believe they would trick us or become an unwitting mouthpiece of Darkness.  Has this happened to you yet while reading this article? Have you felt your body become rigid when certain ideas were presented? It certainly happened to me when I first began learning about the great deception that is occurring. In cases such as these the flailing ego will start running automatic dismissal scripts, saying things like “oh, no, heresy! That’s not true. Anyone who thinks that is crazy.This is why developing proper discernment based upon virtue principles is so important, and we must be willing to question everything, and everyone. –especially in this day and age where money and advertising dollars are entwined with “truth.”  At the end of the day it is not about being “right” or “wrong,” it's about no longer being deceived. 

We should also keep in mind that people do change. Someone who first appears as a competent, and upstanding voice of reason can quickly become a corrupted puppet as they gain success; just as a morally-questionable person can one day see the light, too. We’ve got to be willing to re-discern, and adjust when we see these types of transitions occur. 


Accepting Leadership Roles

In situations where we ourselves become in positions of leadership, even if that is simply within our own families or workplace, we must accept this important responsibility with integrity and honesty. As our sphere of influence over other people grows, so does our responsibility to them and to God in maintaining a Service to Others mindset that is trustworthy, and immune from corruption by Dark forces. Leadership should never be taken lightly because as our influence grows so does our potential for heightened karmic repercussion in the event that we should lead those who look up to us astray. Leaders, both big and small, are hijacked to do the bidding of Power Mongers and Dark entities through sophisticated manipulation tactics, and ignorance every day.  Therefore, we must get into the habit of questioning our own motives, goals and ego desires, sourcing our intentions and verifying the integrity of the information and people that we share and promote. You have a responsibility to make sure you are not being misled, and in turn misleading others. 

Moving forward, take inventory of who and what you are following, online and in real life. When you identify tricksters, and areas where you have fallen for False Light deceptions, you should not hold judgment or shame against yourself, or others for having been deceived. Darkness is very smart, cunning and has been at this game for a long time. We have all had the wool pulled over our eyes in one way or another. It's nothing to be ashamed of, but we must learn from it, and move forward, away from falsity. Remember, we don’t know what we don’t know until we know it. –but we can end the chain of deception right now. So, arm yourself with knowledge. Question yourself, question your leaders and don't be fooled by False Light Fakers any longer.



 Reference Material: Power Mongers 


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