Are You Confusing the Universe?

Are You Confusing the Universe?

If you aren’t happy with the circumstances of your life, or the string of experiences you are currently tapped into, you might need to take a look at how you are communicating with the Universe (by this I mean God, or the preferred term that you use to describe the divine organizing power that connects us all).

Here are a few tips that will help supercharge your ability to bring positive experiences and blessings into your world starting right now.

Ban Sarcasm

The Universe does not understand sarcasm. If you use sarcasm habitually as a form of humor, or as a coping mechanism in your day-to-day, you are doing a great disservice to yourself.  

When something unpleasant happens, and we respond with “oh, that's just great [and an eye roll]” we may mean the reverse, but we are actually telling the Universe the bad experience is awesome. –and since the Universe works to give us what we want,  it will keep serving up another helping of sarcastic “great” over and over again until you tell it otherwise.

Only you can control what level of “great” you receive. This is a very easy fix. Simply start telling the Universe what you want, not what you don’t want. The fastest way to clear this up is to stop using sarcasm altogether.  Try it. Test it. Prove it to yourself. 

I Do Declare

Nowadays, you’ll find lots of affirmation suggestions that are full of flowery words, and colorful language. –but often, these types of poetic prayers lack focus, and can be very confusing to the Universe. When trying to manifest results, it is best to drop all the floofy words of prompt and circumstance, and just keep it as simple and concise as possible. Short, sweet, specific. 

As Jesus, and many other spiritual adepts have taught, the simplest method of manifestation is through the power of “I AM.”  I AM creates a command statement. It is a declaration that automatically goes to work for you to bring about whatever it is that you put after those two little magic words. With this simple phrase you curse or bless yourself.  You might as well be saying “ABRACADABRA!” This is why it is so important to monitor our use of this phrase in our thoughts and speech. 

How many times a day do you say, or think, I AM? I’m tired; I’m sick; I’m a failure;  I’m such a mess; I’m so done; I’m going crazy. Whatever you think you are, you will be. So, make sure you are making positive declarations. 

No and Now

When it comes to getting accurate results, it's best to keep your affirmations free of any negative or “no” words, and in the present tense. The NOW tense. 

When we use words like don’t, not, and the like in our affirmations or prayers, this can lend to not so potent thought patterns, and confusion. Again, don’t waste time telling the Universe what you do not want. Only tell it what you do want. Plain and simple. 

For example, if I am trying to get out of debt I would declare:

 “I am wealthy, I am abundant, I am a money magnet,” rather than saying, “I am debt-free,” or “I am out of debt.” 

“I am calm. I am at peace.” Rather than, “I am worry free” 

Many times, words like worry and debt still remain emotionally charged even when we surround them with positivity, and thus can cause our affirmations to become counterproductive.

If I’m under the weather I would say: 

“I am healed,” or "I am well,” rather than, “I am not sick.” 

“I am successful. I am a winner,” rather than, “I am not going to fail,” or “I’m doing my best.”

In the same vein, the Universe does not recognize the use of slang terms like “that’s bad,” “that’s sick” or “that’s the sh*t,” when you actually mean you like something. This type of language reversal, though trendy, still signals disappointment, and is very confusing when it comes to co-creating positive outcomes with the higher power. 

It's important to grasp that you are indeed co-creating with the Universe, not simply receiving. So, we have to do our part of the job in order for it to all work properly. The way we go about getting what we want is through the quality of our thoughts, and the words we speak. This determines what we receive from above. Can you see why the degradation of language is such a serious problem? 

The words we use, and the labels we apply to ourselves are extremely potent, and powerful. Be careful. It truly shapes us for better or worse. Don’t even get me started on what descends upon you if you go around declaring things like “I’m a bad B–” … I'll let you ponder that one for yourself ;)


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