Is an "F'that" Attitude Hexing You?

Is an "F'that" Attitude Hexing You?

F’that, F’them, F, F, F… we’ve become a society that uses these terms constantly, casually and without any real knowledge of what we are actually doing. Whether it’s aimed at ourselves, something, someone or a whole group, many of us are quick to use these kinds of flippant phrases, and assume these types of attitudes when things don’t go our way, or when a person doesn’t see things exactly the way that we do. As a result, these terms are thrown around like toxic candy, and can even be found in regular use inside of social movements and spiritual communities that preach Love and tolerance, and by those who are supposed to be in positions of leadership.

In today’s social climate, interactions based upon true kindness can sometimes be scarcely found as many of us are being blindly driven by the menacing spirits of anger, insecurity, envy and competition. —especially in online community settings where people are allowed to spew hatred, sarcasm and judgment while hiding behind manufactured facades of themselves. This has unfortunately become our new “normal,” and whether friend or foe, we regularly speak to others with belittling tones and terms to stroke, and reinforce our own superiority complexes. When we speak to each other in this disrespectful manner we encourage our own division, and real unity and peace becomes impossible.

When it comes down to it, everything we do, think or say can be simplified down to Love or Hate(Fear), and we must take the time to dissect, understand and take responsibility for which spirit or energy we ourselves are propagating, furthering and becoming possessed by at all times. Ask yourself, are you propagating Love in your daily interactions, or are you possessed by Hate?

Even in situations where we may be “right,” the moment we assume the F’that/F’Them attitude, Darkness instantly wins, and the negative ego, or shadow self, becomes in control. When we allow this mindset to take hold of us, we also often encourage and spread this type of thinking to the others around us which further contributes to the divide and conquer of harmonious society. This can be seen in action on personal levels like with familial disagreements, and on larger scales such as with political discord that involve whole nations. These attitudes create enemy patterning, and this is how Darkness becomes perpetuated, and strengthened across communities and society as a whole.

As words are symbols of thought, and thoughts hold energy, it's easy to deduce that words carry and send energy. Furthermore, if we think about the terms “cursing” and “spelling” in regard to language, what we already know becomes amazingly apparent. Words are powerful, and words can be weapons. So, if we are thinking, speaking and writing hate-filled messages, or using poor, casual language, we are actually sending ill-will, hexes and curses to others and ourselves. When we do this, whether consciously or unconsciously, we are also bringing negative karmic return back onto us, as whatever energy we extend eventually comes back, just like a boomerang. When we stop and think about the weight of this, it becomes amazingly clear just how important the role of language becomes. If we are habitually saying things like “F’them” or “F’me” over and over throughout our day-to-day, we are actually in the habit of directing negative energy to others and ourselves all while wondering why we aren’t happier people.

Most of us are not raised with the knowledge that our word choice is energetically important, and as a result we fall prey to the habit of using casual language and slang terms that create negative energy in our lives. Through tools such as social media, TV, radio, movies and the books we read, our language and everyday vernacular is influenced and grossly dumbed-down. This is being done on purpose, and the progression of this can be easily seen when we take the time to look back at the degradation of language over the course of human history.

We must stop, and ask why? Why are we being dumbed-down in favor of lingo that breeds Darkness? As we begin asking these important questions, and move forward with this awareness, we can change our habits in favor of positivity and Love. By monitoring our speech and word choice, along with questioning our thoughts and reactionary behaviors when they surface, we can instantly increase the quality of energy that we ourselves project, and that comes back to us in return. By becoming more self-aware, and better understanding the energetic mechanics of language, we can help create a more peaceful community for ourselves and those around us, as well as for our children.

I often say to myself, “your calm is your superpower,” and indeed it is. When dealing with disappointment and interacting with other individuals and situations that may be triggering, our ability to stay calm, collected and think before we speak, gives us a spiritually-based advantage over reactionary negative emotions and circumstances. Thinking and feeling, instead of immediately reacting, allows us the ability to more easily practice loving kindness, even when we don’t agree with each other. As the old adage goes, “if you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all.”

As we begin to monitor our language, this also makes the quality of our thoughts more apparent to us, and gives us the ability to dig deeper into why we are thinking one way or another. This allows for greater self-awareness where we can begin to heal underlying issues that are triggering us, and causing our poor-mindsets. Once we can get to the root of poor-thinking, our language naturally improves, and we cease in bringing hexes upon ourselves and others.

The only way to test this in your own life is to put it into practice, and “watch your mouth.” If you can work to clean up your language, and the thoughts behind your words, making a dedicated effort to stop “F’ing” this or “d*mning” that, you will begin to feel more of an ease and effortlessness as you go about your daily routine. --but it is solely up to us as individuals to make an effort in order to experience any amount of positive energetic change. --and it's also important to remember that what the mouth says is a reflection of what lives inside the heart.

Wishing you loving thoughts and kind words,


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Thanks so much for sharing this!

Donna Brown

Well said Mallory – you have a gift with words xxoooxx

Candace Weber

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