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Mallory Kennedy

Nutritional Exorcism Series: Freeing Body, Mind & Spirit - Guide Book Bundle

Nutritional Exorcism Series: Freeing Body, Mind & Spirit - Guide Book Bundle

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 In 2016, my hometown of Baton Rouge, Louisiana experienced a great flood, and due to being in the flood waters, I contracted a severe intestinal infection, and soon became extremely sick. After the waters receded, I was unable to eat, was in great pain, and as my symptoms intensified there were moments where I honestly felt that I may have been dying. To my dismay, doctors and antibiotics were unable to help me, and I was left to figure out a way to heal on my own.

Depressed and desperate for relief, as I mustered as much determination and courage as I could to keep moving forward, I began to undergo what I came to call a “Nutritional Exorcism.” What started as relearning how to eat a proper diet of organic foods and using holistic healing methods to cure myself of the infection and internal inflammation soon turned into a complete makeover of my body, mind & spirit.

During this time, I learned that as we improve our dietary habits in tandem with making an effort to calm our minds and the emotional parts of ourselves, we allow our body to be able to destress enough to begin the process of healing itself physically.  Participating with this process is what I began to do on a daily basis, and it worked! –and it can work for you too. You can heal yourself! –and the Nutritional Exorcism Series can help put you on the path to true well-being of the mind, body and spirit right now.


 Nutritional Exorcism is a testimonial account of the author's journey, and experience in overcoming severe illness, making it to the other side and into a state of well-being. It explores the need for emotional and spiritual healing in order to allow for a peaceful mind to be able to heal the body without the need for drugs or pharmaceuticals, and discusses the body's natural ability to achieve significant weight loss without overly-strenuous exercise regimens.  (75 pages)

Additionally, you'll also receive part two of the series, 'How to Perform Your Own Nutritional Exorcism.' This quick-step guide will give you the information you need to begin conducting your own Nutritional Exorcism so that you can start taking charge of your health and healing immediately.  (70 pages)

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