Detox Tonic: Ginger Cayenne Tea

Detox Tonic: Ginger Cayenne Tea

My body has been wanting lots, and lots of cayenne pepper lately, so I've been putting it in pretty much everything. 

Did you know cayenne has powerful healing properties? Cayenne, like all spicy peppers, contains natural compounds called capsaicinoids. --and these are what gives the spicy fruit its healing powers. Adding cayenne to your diet can have many health benefits, including being an overall detoxifier that acts as an anti-inflammatory, improves blood circulation, and is also a potent decongestant.

One of my favorite ways to enjoy cayenne is in a ginger tea that I can sip throughout the day, and this has become my go-to tonic if I feeling a cold or sinus issues coming on.

Detox & Decongestant Tonic

½ inch Ginger node
Cayenne pepper
Apple cider vinegar

  • Slice ginger node into slivers and place in bottom of cup

  • Add in 2 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar

  • Add in a dollop of honey 

  • Add a dash of cayenne pepper (work your way up, and use a greater amount of cayenne for a more potent tonic)

  • ¼ tablespoon turmeric

  • Lemon wedge

  • Pour hot water into your cup, and enjoy once it's cooled to a sippable temperature

-I prefer to make this tonic directly in a cup. Amounts aren't important, so make it to taste,  and if you want to leave out certain ingredients that's ok, too.
-The tonic isn't exactly spicy, but it does create heat which is what helps rid mucus and toxins from your system. If you are hesitant about using cayenne, start with a tiny amount, and work your way up once your taste buds acclimate to the warmth.
-If you are feeling under the weather or want to detox your system, I suggest drinking this tonic at least twice a day, morning and afternoon. 


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