Wielding Weapons Of Mass Seduction

Wielding Weapons Of Mass Seduction

Historically, seduction is a go-to tactic used by spies, intelligence agents, and the like, when conducting matters of espionage. They do this in order to set traps that allow them to extract information while gaining power and control over the people they target by soliciting their most base desires and egoic weaknesses. Sometimes referred to as “sexpianoge,”  unfortunately, you and I are the direct targets of this type of manipulation, too.  

Whether we are being targeted in mass by sexualized marketing ads that are trying to persuade us to buy a new product and watch the latest movie, or a political campaign working to sell us on a candidate, our free will is under constant attack. At every turn people, companies and Dark force energies are trying to seduce and tempt us by way of emotional and sexual manipulation in an attempt to control, and influence what we want, think, do and desire. 

Seduction is all around us simply because sex sells. It sells products, it sells services, lifestyles, it even sells ideas. –and the use of sex works to successfully manipulate us into weakened states of mind, especially when we don’t fully understand that we are indeed caught in the crosshairs of savvy hunters who are purposefully exploiting our base ego-desires as a means to push consumerism and Dark agendas. 

Even when we do know we are being targeted, we often still somehow fall prey to alluring marketing ploys and advertising gimmicks while thinking our choices are being freely made. This is how powerful seductive energy is. –and the sales, marketing and PR world isn’t the only place we can observe seduction tactics being used against us either. News and mass media outlets also use emotional and sexual manipulation through word choice, topic choice, headlines, and the hiring of “likable” personalities who they use to feed their information and biases to us while steadily gaining revenue.

Worst of all, the use of seduction has become an acceptable norm in the lives of “normal people" who target each other with “friendly” manipulations on a daily basis.  Used in business dealings and in interpersonal relationships, seductive behavior is highly prevalent, and observable at all levels of society including most families, romances, and friendships. This behavior pattern is also glamorized in cartoons, movies and TV programming which lends to mimicry that can even be observed in the conduct, poses and attitudes of impressionable children. Often encouraged as a way of being, and touted as a method to get the things you want or need out of life and relationships, for many, being seductive has become a badge of honor. 

Regardless of if you are using seduction tactics on social media to gain likes, clicks, and product sponsorships, or in person to entrance your love interest, the truth is, seductive energy is actually a dangerous weapon. –and many of us are wielding this weapon without fully comprehending what we are doing, or understanding the types of energies we are becoming consensual with when we operate and behave in seductive ways.

Seductive energy is not organic to a human’s true nature. It is a quality of energy that influences specific behaviors and thought patterns. You are not born seductive. This is an energy that you choose to take on, and then let express through you as you learn how to use it successfully against others. In this sense, you could say that a person is not seductive, but is instead possessed by this type of energy, or The Spirit of Seduction.  

Looking back at my own posts from years passed, my Instagram page reeked of this Dark energy signature. Although I was unaware at the times they were taken, what looked like typical selfies was proof of my own battle with possession by the Spirit of Seduction. Some of these snap shots weren’t even overtly sexual or physically revealing, but the eyes told a different story. The look in my eyes expressed an energy that was “out to get you.” –out to get your likes, out to get your adoration and sometimes your resources.

You see, possession isn't always marked by a fear of crosses or a person levitating off of a bed, sometimes it can be as simple as an air, attitude, a manner of being, or a subtle narcissistic smirk that silently says “I know I can get whatever I want from you.” 

Admittedly, before my Nutritional Exorcism, the Spirit of Seduction had control over most of my life, including in my job as a professional fundraiser where I was hired to use my natural charisma and Dark ego attributes to gain money, and favor for political and non-profit groups. Whether it was asking for campaign donations or simply getting a free drink from a stranger at a bar, I knew how to emotionally and sexually manipulate people in order to get what I wanted from them, and for many years using body language, flirtation and charm to satisfy my every whim was my normal way of life. From my unaware perspective, these seductive behaviors seemed mostly harmless, and work-wise, I felt I was doing what I had to do to be able to pay the bills. –but in reality I was allowing myself to be controlled, and puppetized by Darkness. –and it was not harmless. It grew my air of Dark Femininity at an alarming rate, and took advantage of other people.

The truth is, the use of seductive energy is a predatory behavior, and is a function of the negative ego, or shadow self, that wants to control and influence the minds, actions, beliefs and desires of others for selfish gain. –and whether using it personally or professionally, seduction in any form is manipulation. –and make no mistake, seduction is satanic. Person, place, thing or product, anything that comes at you with an air of seduction is working in favor of Darkness to manipulate your free will, and vampirize you in one way or another, whether a person consciously knows they are doing it, or not.

This is not about casting judgment or shame upon ourselves. It is not our fault that we are not taught the truth about these types of energies. --but now we must take it upon ourselves to become more aware of this reality in order to be able to identify it in and around us so we can redirect our path towards more virtuous ways of being as we interact with others. Gaining awareness of these negative behaviors in ourselves is how we become responsible, and accountable for our own energy. –and energy does not lie. 

So, look at your photos. Examine your body language, and look at your eyes. What is your selfie saying? What energy are you exuding? Is it seduction? Is it narcissism? Is it bewitchment? When we can be honest with ourselves, we can begin to see where we may have Dark airs and negative-ego attributes at play, and in control of us. As we begin to understand and uncover our own negative ego issues, it always helps to ask “why” in order to gain clarity of our true motivations. Why am I posting this picture, or flaunting my body? Is it to seduce people into liking or following me, or to gain a sense of self-satisfaction by reaping adoration? Am I trying to get free stuff?; Why am I posing provocatively? Am I looking to elicit desire or lust?; Why am I dressing in this manner at work? Is it to manipulate a client or supervisor?

When we begin to recognize these behaviors and Dark energy signatures within ourselves through greater self-awareness, it also strengthens our ability to see these negative forces working in the outerscape; such as in the media, the beauty or fashion industry and in Hollywood where celebrities and influencers are using sex, seduction and false promises as a means to sway you towards new trends, belief systems or to sell you something you likely don’t need.

There is great power in being able to perceive that “ah ha, this person, or this company, is trying to seduce me.”  When we can see these things, and people for what they are, we can begin to pinpoint the hidden intent lurking behind their seductive energy (why are they targeting you? --for money, information, security, social-gain or sport?).   Its through these realizations, and discernments that we can successfully unshackle ourselves from the grips of Darkness, and regain control over our own free will. 

We can liberate ourselves. We can change for the better, but we have to be honest in order to actually do it. –and sometimes, the Truth isn’t pretty, but it will set us free. 


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Wow this is really insightful. At various levels we all do this at points in our life and the danger is it becomes a bigger part of who we are. And you’re right , none of us are born that way, so we definitely pick up that this is an appropriate way to try and get what we want.

Nathan Merz

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