BOOK EXCERPT: "What is Your Nutritional Value?"

BOOK EXCERPT: "What is Your Nutritional Value?"

At the beginning of the year I began writing my second non-fiction book that chronicles my ongoing experience undergoing a Nutritional Exorcism. This time around, I decided to share an extremely personal portion of my testimony that deals directly with Feminine Healing, and trauma recovery.


I’m excited to announce that the writing process is fully finished, and I’m now moving into the final stages of publication. When the time is right I'll be sharing more information along with the project's title, but while waiting for the release, I’ll be posting excerpts that may be helpful to others, and not strictly females, including subjects like “overall nutrition,” and discussing how we can enhance our personal nutritional value.

Thank you to everyone who has given me their support, and shown me love during this challenging process of writing, and self-exploration!

The following is a expert from my upcoming book:

    "Nutrition is not limited to just the food we eat. Everything we interact with has a nutritional value, and feeds us either positively or negatively. —what we eat, think, see and hear all have an effect on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. In order to evolve ourselves we must become responsible for our overall nutrition. Once I came to this realization during the course of my Nutritional Exorcism, I began to inspect every aspect of my life. What I watched, what I read, what I thought, the music I listened to, who I spent my time with, what I spent my money on and even the clothes I wore had to be fully dissected in order to become more fully nourishing to myself, and into alignment with Godliness, and Divine Femininity.

    One of the most powerful elements of nourishment that we encounter on a daily basis is sound. If we are continually surrounded by stressful noises, like arguing and shouting, whether at home or in our workplace, this takes a toll on our physical bodies, mental condition, health and spiritual wellness. This also extends to the music we listen to, especially if we are already experiencing stress, anger, anxiety or depression. The power of music is universally recognized, and is also understood by Dark forces who have exploited and hijacked music, and the music industry in order to turn sound into a psychological weapon that can be used to mind control, trigger, scramble and emotionally torment us. As this is our current reality, it becomes evermore important to only listen to music that is uplifting, positive or calming. When we listen to music that is sad, dwells in loneliness or heartbreak, or is amelodic, frenzied, 
angry or hate-filled we become consensual with those qualities of vibrational energy. If we are already experiencing low states of mind due to our own stressful life experiences, we can easily become addicted to types of music that encourage negative energy commiseration. Although it can seem comforting, or appear as though a musical artist understands us, dwelling in low emotional states through music only fuels the creation of more Darkness in our behavior and actions, and also allows for the power of suggestion to be used against us. As the goal is to be happy and calm, we should only be listening to music that supports this way of being. –and the same goes for anything we engage with visually. 
    Anything that creates pictures in our minds is using the power of suggestion to control what manifests in our reality, including what we watch on TV, view online or read. If what we visually feed ourselves is characterized by stressful, violent, sad, dramatic or any other types of Dark imagery, those themes are more likely to materialize into our own reality through the Law of Attraction because you get what you think about most often.

    It is important to also understand that we ourselves hold an energetic nutritional value when we interact with others. In this regard, we should work to increase our personal nutritional value so that we are beneficial to those around us, and do not detract, or create a drag on familial and societal well-being. One way we do this is by actively addressing our own emotional issues and frustrations when they arise, and not ignoring them to the point that our behavior, fears or depressive emotional state begins to negatively affect our families, colleagues, the cashier at the grocery store or anyone else we may come into contact with. To be truly nourishing to others, we should also take care to exhibit trustworthiness, virtuous behavior, non-judgement, positivity and extend unconditional Love in all of our experiences and interactions. Ask yourself, are you someone you would want to spend time with? Are you nourishing to be around?"


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