What Holiday Spirit Are You Spreading?

What Holiday Spirit Are You Spreading?

As we find ourselves deep inside the Holiday season surrounded by the beauty of twinkling lights and tinsel, the truth is it's also easy to find ourselves overwhelmed with stress, and in a less than joyous state. Between shopping lists, extra-spending and striving to make everything and everyone around us appear “Instagram Perfect,” we can quickly lose our footing and fall prey to the Spirits of anxiety, anger, frustration, exhaustion, and the like.

So what can we do to keep these Anti-Holiday Spirits from swooping in, and wrecking our festive experiences and mindset? SLOW DOWN. It’s as simple, and as difficult as that. Slow your racing mind, and banish the feelings of franticness from interfering with your well-being, and controlling your state of mind and actions.

When we find ourselves in states of chaotic hurry, we naturally lose the ability to think accurately, and are unable to put things into proper perspective –and proper perspective is what we desperately need.

The Holidays, no matter your religious or personal spiritual beliefs, are supposed to be about celebrating and spreading the Spirits of Love, Joy, Peace, Generosity and Happiness. –and sharing these gifts selflessly with everyone, not just with our families or the people we “like.” –and sharing with no expectation of receiving anything in return.

So we must stop and ask ourselves, what Holiday Spirits are we spreading? –positive ones, or stressful ones?

With all the hustle and bustle that we experience in our daily lives, it is also easy to forget that the Holidays are emotionally difficult for many of those around us, as this season can tend to serve as a grim reminder of loss and lack, whether that be in monetary or material form, or in the form of family members and friends who are no longer in our lives due to death or other forms of parting.

A dear friend of mine tragically lost her sister, Sondra, to suicide last week, and yet even in her time of deep grief she shared a post that I felt should be further shared to serve as a reminder for us all to take the time to better Love each other –including strangers on the street, or the cashier manning the never-ending line at the grocery store.

Here is her message:

"I just want to validate for anybody who can feel it, it can feel like a really hard time to be alive right now. Quite honestly, I got off social media because it was depressing me how awful people were being to each other on here. Some days it felt like people were forgetting what it means to be human. Because it was sad for me to watch, I felt like my energetic contribution to the collective was going to be its best if I got offline and just prayed during this time and spent time with the people I Love the most and doing my service work for the world. But with Sondra's passing, I am realizing that the world needs hope and Love right now more than ever. And if my words of encouragement make a difference in the life of just one person, that is what matters. Hope and Love are what we all need right now. I just want to remind my friends with the holiday season coming up - Life is not just happening online, it's happening in real life too. Spend time with the people you Love. Put down your phone while you're eating dinner with them. Hug them. Cherish them. Remember what it means to be human. Remember that each person has a story and that unkind or aggressive people need your Love the most. Have healthy boundaries, but don't take the driver who cuts you off or random stranger that flips you off personally. When a family member is having an irrational response to a small qualm, don't take that personally either. The holidays have a tendency to stress everybody out. Remember that at every person's core, all they want is Love. And this goes for you, too. Be kind to yourself. If you're like my Sondra, you may be the type that is kind to everybody, but don't give yourself the same Grace. On behalf of her memory, please make an effort to be more kind to yourself.  Self-kindness and loving kindness to others is how we change the world. Please remember that you are very Loved, even when you can't feel it in your bones. The world is better with you in it--never forget that.

Love, Lauren"

 May we all endeavor to spread and cultivate Loving Spirits this Holiday season, and every other day, too. I love you all, and wish you abounding happiness and peace.


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