What Are You Willing to Know?

What Are You Willing to Know?

It's quite a loaded question-- ”What are you willing to know?”--and it's very different from “what do you want to know?”

I use to adhere to the philosophy of “don’t ask questions you don’t want the answers to.” I’d say this over and over when dealing with unsavory work situations or personal affairs, but I now understand that to embark upon real change, in all facets of life, we must be willing to know and accept hard truths regardless of if that particular truth isn't exactly pretty, or pleasant, or in line with what we want to be true.

I don’t like that arsenic is poisonous. I don't want arsenic to be poisonous, but my personal desire doesn't change the fact that it is indeed poisonous. --and if I consume that poison, there will be consequences to ignoring or being ignorant of the facts.

When undergoing a Nutritional Exorcism there is no doubt that one will be immediately exposed to very unpleasant truths that none of us want to be true per se. --but it is important to understand and accept this fact early on in order to avoid fear of new information, fear of new truths and the fearful negative-ego from swooping in to sabotage the process of reeducation which is necessary for any degree of upward growth and improvement.

Many times, our negative-ego will play tricks on us, automatically rejecting accurate information that is contrary to what we have believed or held true in the past, and this leads directly to self-sabotage. Recognizing the ego in action, and putting effort towards consciously and continuously shifting ourselves out of these automatic thought-patterns of rejection rewires our brain to be able to properly discern information, and moves us past these hurdles of fear and pride. Overcoming these mind-slides of automatic dismissal is a must, and you’ll likely find that this will be your first major hurdle on the road to real wellness.

To move forward toward well-being requires being honest with oneself as an act of humility and courage in accepting that, through no fault of our own, we have not been given all of the tools and information required to be truly healthy, and we must be willing to relearn. --forgoing all negative-ego roadblocks, and stepping into a mindset that is teachable. 

Are you teachable?

One of the most helpful questions I learned to ask myself when faced with tough-truths or new methods during my Nutritional Exorcism is “what’s your teachability level?” --am I being open? --am I teachable in this moment of meeting new knowledge? --or am I automatically shutting down information simply because it is uncomfortable or unnerving, and I ultimately don’t want it to be true?

To evolve, we all must consciously surrender to the fact that we do not know everything. --and we need to be willing to get out of our own way in order to open our minds fully to new schools of thought, de-programming ourselves and becoming students of Truth. --even when the truth is not pretty.

So again, ask yourself, “what are you willing to know?”


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