The Grammys: Good vs Evil Takes Center Stage

The Grammys: Good vs Evil Takes Center Stage

Most anyone who has even an inkling of spiritual awareness will likely agree that what was witnessed by millions at this year’s Grammy Awards was a blatant and arrogant display of Darkness flaunting its power, influence and control over the masses.  –but let’s be honest, this isn’t the first time the entertainment industry, influencers and celebrities have shown their true colors in public. Satanism, Luciferianism, however you choose to categorize it, Darkness is rampant, not only in Hollywood, but truly everywhere. –both online, and in public, and it isn't  isolated to a specific political party, or wealth bracket. Through naivety and ignorance, we have allowed Darkness to creep up on us by making excuses for it to the point that it has become “normal,” and it is now proudly peacocking around unashamed and laughing in our faces. What was showcased at the Grammys was truly a slap in the face of humanity. –and hopefully that slap woke you up. Hopefully it made you mad, and made you question what the heck is going on in this world for THAT to be considered entertaining and ok. 

If it did wake you up, you should also realize that like it or not, you now have a responsibility to not allow yourself to go back to sleep. It is now your responsibility to open your eyes even further to see where Darkness is hiding in our everyday lives. As uncomfortable and inconvenient as it may be, we can not let this moment pass us by. We must all wake up to realize that we are in the midst of a spiritual war, and we have been for a very long time. 

This war is being fought between the anti-life forces of Darkness, and that of Godforce, or Light. This is a war for the soul that starts its assault in the mind. As whoever controls the mind, controls the body and spirit. –but Darkness is a cunning trickster. It likes to prey upon us stealthily, quietly appealing to our base desires and insecurities through veiled seduction, lies and manipulation tactics, and by masquerading itself as good, liberating, “cool” and “harmless fun.” Whether it be through modes of advertising, entertainment, fashion, art, education, and even through the toys, cartoons and games that are pushed to our children, Darkness will rarely ever admit it's true intentions as it slyly onboards us into its grip. This is why we must remain awake in order to educate ourselves on what it truly is, and how it works. Some facts may sound a bit “woo woo” or a little out there, but as the saying goes, “the truth is stranger than fiction.”

Darkness, Dark energy, Low energy or Evil are anti-life or malevolent energetic forces (or spirits) that encourage wickedness, and influence people to commit transgressions that go against moral Goodness (Godliness), and their own true nature. First, we must understand that although it uses humans to do its bidding, Darkness is not human. Humans are in fact being corrupted, generation after generation. This type of energy is not organic to the human being, as our true Divine nature is that of the Light, Love and morality. 

Dark energy is intelligent and conscious. It has the ability to take on many forms, both seen and unseen, and is not limited to only humans, but can even work through places, things, thoughts, and ideas. These qualities of Dark consciousness are often referred to as the Anti-Christ, the Devil, Satanic or Luciferian forces, an assortment of demons, and by many other names. Whatever term you prefer to use, it is energetically all the same even though it may appear differently or arranged in a type of hierarchy. It is important to understand that “the Devil” or “the Anti-Christ” is not one singular being, but a Dark gestalt consciousness that can appear as many people or beings, and can be in many places all at once. Make no mistake, the Anti-Christ is already here, and we are under siege of this force right now. 

Darkness can also be looked at in the sense of a virus that first affects the mind. Once it is successfully introduced to its human host, this Dark energy mind virus has the ability to spread, and quickly multiply, tainting every facet of our lives with hate and fear, be it in our attitude, language, thoughts, personal preferences, sexuality, behavior or actions.  If it is not identified and resolved, this mind virus begins to affect the integrity of the physical body through illness and ailments, and can also eventually overtake a person’s soul. Just like the flu, the mind virus is highly contagious, and can be spread from one person to another, or one community to another. Many times this spread occurs through misinformation, which often leads to enemy patterning, and when we play out the roles of victim and victimizer with one another. This is Divide and Conquer. –but we can stop the advance of spreading Darkness in its tracks by looking deeper, and no longer turning a blind eye. 

To understand how Darkness operates, it’s important to understand more about energy and the concept of resonance. Energy is all around us, and everything is made up of energy, including people, places, things and thoughts or ideas. There are also qualities of energy which we usually simplify as being “high” (Light) and “low” (Dark) in terms of frequency. Typically, Energy tends to behave according to principles of Resonance, where in the simplest of terms, like attracts like. Meaning low or Dark energy attracts to itself other low frequencies of energy, and high energy attracts other high qualities of energy. While being made up of multiple physical energy centers, often referred to as chakras, the human body can also be considered an energetic vessel that acts as a resonator, housing within it high or low qualities of lifeforce that affect the body, mind and spirit. Acting within the Laws of Resonance, our own quality of lifeforce, whether high or low frequency, becomes dependent upon the types of energy we consume and surround ourselves with.

As this is the case, one way we can work to combat Darkness is through our own nutrition. Nutrition is not limited to just the food we eat. Everything we interact with has a nutritional value, and feeds us either positively or negatively. —what we eat, think, say, see and hear all have an effect on our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. If we feed ourselves negative things, we unwittingly allow Darkness to gain a foothold, sour our spirit and spread through us. This is how people unknowingly become puppets of Darkness. In order to evolve ourselves, we must become responsible for our overall nutrition. 

One of the most powerful elements of nourishment that we encounter on a daily basis is sound. Sound is energy made audible, and it also takes on Light or Dark qualities. If we are continually surrounded by stressful noises, like arguing and shouting, whether at home or in our workplace, this takes a toll on our physical bodies, mental condition, health and spiritual wellness. This also extends to the music we listen to, especially if we are already experiencing stress, anger, anxiety or depression.

The power of music is universally recognized. As demonstrated by the Grammys, this is also understood by Dark forces who have successfully exploited and hijacked music, and the music industry in order to turn sound into a psychological weapon that can be used to mind control, trigger, scramble and emotionally torment us. As this is our current reality, it becomes evermore important to only listen to music that is uplifting, positive or calming. When we listen to music that is sad, dwells in loneliness or heartbreak, or is distorted, a-melodic, frenzied, or filled with anger, angst and hatred, or anti-life values, we become consensual with those qualities of vibrational energy. If we are already experiencing low states of mind due to trauma and our own stressful life experiences, we can easily become addicted to types of music that encourage negative energy commiseration. Although it can seem comforting, or appear as though a musical artist “understands us,” dwelling in low emotional states through music only fuels the creation of more Darkness in our behavior and actions, and also allows for the power of suggestion and programming through lyrics to be used against us. 

Remember, Dark forces already know how this works, and they are using it to their advantage. That's why so much money and so many resources are pumped into the music and entertainment industries, because it is used as a control mechanism over people and reality. 

The day after the Grammys ceremony I saw a skywriting plane over Hollywood Boulevard write the message “last night was music magic…” –and a demonstration of magic is exactly what it was.  –blackmagic. Music, music videos and live performances are being used as potent amplifiers for casting spells and blackmagic throughout the mainstream, and they are not hiding it anymore. This is one reason why it's so hard for aspiring artists who are actually well-meaning to “make it big” in the entertainment industry, because the Dark powers that be only want people who are controllable, and suit their Dark agendas in these top spots. 

This information is not intended to cause fear. We are not powerless against evil forces unless we continue to keep our heads in the sand as a society, refusing to recognize the truth that is parading itself in front of us. We must use this knowledge to make changes within our own lives.

Recognizing the power of music and its ability to be used as a weapon against us, we should only be listening to music that supports the goal of being happy and calm. –and the same goes for anything we engage with visually, like music videos and movies.  Anything that creates pictures in our minds is using the power of suggestion to control us and what manifests in our reality, including what we watch on TV, view online, listen to or read. If what we visually feed ourselves is characterized by stressful, violent, sexually deviant or abusive, sad, dramatic, cataclysmic or any other types of Dark imagery, those themes are more likely to materialize into our own reality through the Law of Attraction because you get what you think about most often. 

As we come to better understand this misuse of the Law of Attraction happening globally, we can begin to connect the dots to expose the controller’s overall agenda, and goal of Darkening the societal collective. As we awaken to see the big picture, it becomes clear as to why the inclusion of Satanic, Demonic, Anti-Christ, Witchery and sinister or death centered themes, as well as Dark sexuality and Dark Femininity are being pushed so heavily to us and our children through avenues of advertising, social media, art, entertainment and TV programming. When we watch TV shows, movies or videos that depict any type of ritual ceremony, Satanic Ritual Abuse (SRA), sacrifice, sex magic, blackmagic or spell casting, energetically it is as if this event is happening right in our own home. This is not something we want to feed ourselves, or expose our families to, ever. It is best to think of your television, computer, tablet or phone as a portal. Whatever is on your screen or is coming through your ear buds, you are inviting into your home, and into your life. 

Think about it, how many millions of people thought they were watching a simple awards show, but ended up bearing witness to a Satanic ritual by watching the Grammys while not even knowing, or understanding what was happening? Think about the amount of Dark power that was yielded from this deception that was then passed off as a “fun” harmless night of music and artistic expression. Think about the Divide and Conquer that occurred afterwards once outrage was being expressed by those who were brave enough to not remain silent. 

So, as we gain a clearer awareness of how things really stand, it is up to you to re-evaluate the energetic value of what you are consuming with your eyes and ears. The eyes and ears are in fact portals into your consciousness, and into your spirit that Darkness is working very hard to take advantage of. Therefore, be sure to only invite nourishing things inside of your mind, and the minds of your children, understanding that your children are who they are aiming for most ardently. 

The only way to beat Darkness is to starve it out. This means we have to practice what we preach. Once we know how Darkness operates, we can’t continue to consume the same types of Dark entertainment, and expect to not be negatively affected by it. That means reevaluating the shows, movies, music, artists, celebrities, influencers, leaders and companies that you are following, and supporting with your money, time, and attention. If you believe what happened at the Grammys was an abominable display of anti-life values, you must stick to your guns, and make some changes. –otherwise it's just a lot of talk, and talk alone does not create meaningful change. There must be action involved. 

It is important to understand that we ourselves hold an energetic nutritional value, too. In tandem with looking outside of ourselves to identify Darkness, we must also look within. Whether it be inferiority or superiority complexes, anger or jealousy issues, addictions, narcissistic tendencies or overly competitive mind sets, we all have Dark attributes and habits that we have normalized as being part of our organic personality that do not serve Goodness, and need to be eradicated. In this regard, we should work to increase our personal nutritional value so that we are beneficial to those around us, and do not encourage Darkness to flourish within our daily life through negative or dishonest habits, vices and reactionary behavior. 

One way we do this is by actively evaluating our own conduct and mindsets in order to address our emotional issues and frustrations when they arise, and not ignoring them to the point that our actions, fears or depressive emotional states begins to negatively affect ourselves, our families, colleagues, the cashier at the grocery store or anyone else we may come into contact with. Ask yourself, are you someone you would want to spend time with? Are you safe, and nourishing to be around? --or are you creating drag on familial and societal well-being through your attitude and behavior? To be truly nourishing to others and our communities, we should take care to learn the importance of exhibiting characteristics of trustworthiness, moral virtue, and non-judgement while extending unconditional Love in all of our experiences and interactions. This is how we begin to win back our sovereignty, unite and defeat Darkness. 

In order for a global change to occur, change has to first begin on an individual level. This change can only take shape through honesty and self-reflection of our own behaviors, mindsets, attitudes, preferences and prejudices. As we dedicate ourselves to living virtuously, making the changes needed to heal, and eradicate the Darkness that lives within us, we will begin to more clearly see where hidden, subtle Darkness is lurking in the outerscape. This enables us the ability to see through the falsity, lies, double-speak and corrupt leaders that once fooled us so that we can rid this influence from our environment.

In situations where a friend or loved one is expressing Dark behaviors, it is important to not withhold your Love from them even though you may need to set proper boundaries, or distance yourself from them for your own health and well-being. The mind virus is real, and we have all been affected to different degrees. Therefore, we must be generous in allowing each other grace, while at the same time telling Darkness “enough is enough,” and refusing to let it remain in control. We are all energetically responsible for the thoughts, actions and behaviors we create and entertain, this is personal accountability. Being consciously accountable for ourselves, and choosing more evolved and higher ethical behaviors, thought patterns and avenues of entertainment is how we stop Darkness from remaining in control. So let the Grammys be your call to action. Let their boastfulness backfire, serving as a form of disclosure, and let the change we so desperately need start with you right now.  

With good works and purified hearts, we can starve out Darkness. We shall overcome. 






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You are completely right about all this, praying the world wakes up and learns to avoid contact wit evil satan and learns to rejoice in the Lord and His powerful word!

Carolyn Zachary

Well spoken.
I’m praying people will wake up.
The Anti-Christ has been here and most people think the Anti-Christ is one person.
Many deceivers!!


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