New Year, New Aims

New Year, New Aims

As we move into 2022, many of us are beginning to ponder our New Year’s resolutions. 

Last year my aim was to give up caffeine, and I can happily say that I was successful in that goal, and have seen enormous benefits including better sleep, higher levels of sustained energy, and a relief in instances of anxiety. 

This year, my aim is going to be more of an overall goal to unwaveringly “practice what you preach.” --be it more consistently maintaining my meditation practice even on busy days, being a steady source of Love for those who do not reciprocate without being discouraged or offended, and not giving in to food cravings .

Even when we generally know what is best for us, and know what we should be doing to maintain our best-self, overcoming mental-hurdles and moments of weakness are where our real health battles lie.

Foodwise, my biggest challenge appears when I travel. I can easily get caught in a trap where it seems easier and more convenient to let dietary hindrances “slip a little,” and these episodes and habits of treating myself while out-of-town can oftentimes linger once I return home too, which always leaves me feeling less than tip-top a few weeks later. 

So this year, I intend to stick to what I know works, and to find the wherewithal to refrain from bending to temptations when away from home.

What’s your New Year’s aim?

Cheers to self-improvement, Love and Happiness!


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