MOVIE NIGHT: What's With Wheat

MOVIE NIGHT: What's With Wheat

In the beginning of my Nutritional Exorcism, much of my time was spent on researching, relearning and trying to carve a path back to true health by sorting through lots of online studies and watching educational documentaries. 

One of the first documentaries that made a significant impact on me, and helped shape my personal health plan was the film “What’s With Wheat?” --which does not demonize wheat, but takes an in-depth look at the state of wheat today, exploring how modern commercial production practices have altered the crop nutritionally, and why it seems to affect us in a more negative way than say 50 years ago. 

Recently I went to Baton Rouge to visit family, and my Mom and I watched the film again. The re-watch certainly served as a helpful refresher on how gluten overload can affect our minds and bodies, especially during the holiday season when tempting treats abound around every corner. 

For me, I tend to experience gluten-overload in my skin first, with increased roughness and dryness, and then begin to see swelling in my tissues as overall bodily inflammation increases, followed by digestive disruption.

Giving up or reducing your gluten intake can seem daunting in the beginning, but as with anything, once you know the truth about what modern wheat is doing to us, its very hard to ignore. I highly recommend this doc to anyone who may be experiencing any sort of digestive distress, abdominal pain, joint pain, skin condition, anxiety, fatigue or brain fog.

What's With Wheat can be rented online on Amazon Prime VideoVimeo and viewed for FREE on Documentary Mania


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