Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

What are you willing to give up? This is a question we must face when embarking upon the attainment of any goal, but especially when it comes to achieving true health and well-being. 

Whether we have been ill or are just not as healthy as we could be, the only way to achieve improvement is to change. “--to go beyond what already is.” 

Are you willing to change? --long term? Are you willing to change what you eat? Are you willing to change what you spend your time, energy and money on? Are you willing to change your views and beliefs? Are you willing to give up your negative attitude and ego? --willing to change the way you think and act?

When performing your own Nutritional Exorcism, the answer to these questions must be “yes” or else let's face it, you won’t get very far. If you continue to do what you’ve always done, you’ll continue to get what you’ve always gotten. So, if you want different results, you’ve got to be willing to change. --and that change starts in the mind.

No one can change your mind for you. --I can’t. --your family can’t. --doctors can’t. --a nutritionist can’t. --medicine or diet supplements can’t. We are on our own here. We must walk the path ourselves. --and the first step in walking that path is deciding for yourself that you whole-heartedly can and will put in the necessary time and dedicated effort to implement a change towards positivity and true health everyday.

Unfortunately, we as a society are bombarded non-stop with countless examples of fake “health” in the media and on social platforms that intend to dishearten us while spreading an inaccurate picture of wellness. Muscular bodies and thin figures do not equate real health. True health means natural wellness of the mind, body and spirit, and it is not dictated by a particular body type, pants size or number on a scale. 

True health encompasses physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, as one can not be truly healthy unless each of these aspects are brought into well-being and balance. These elements of the Self work together as a system, and they must be addressed as a whole. If the mind is unhealthy, the body and the spirit will follow suit, as poor health, poor nutrition and poor behavior go hand-in-hand, with one ultimately leading us to the other in a destructive and costly cycle.

Once we grasp this concept of whole-self wellness or true health, we can come to understand and see exactly why we may have fallen short in the past when addressing health as a purely physical journey or dietary change, when in actuality we must also be willing to change our minds and behavior too. This involves rejecting negative-ego thought-patterns, including superior or inferior thinking, and practicing virtuous living. 

When I committed to changing my mind, got my reactionary tendencies in check and banished negative thoughts from stressing me out, my body began to change and streamline naturally. —and sometimes, it miraculously seemed to do so overnight. 

It’s doing this inner work that allows our body to exist in a more peaceful environment, freeing ourselves of unnecessary stress and inner-struggles, and enabling us to be able to refine our physical form and improve our overall-health more easily. 

Change your mind for the better, and everything changes. --mind, body, and spirit.


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