Are We All Possessed?

Are We All Possessed?

Although it can be unnerving and very weird to fathom or talk about, a common theme throughout my books involves the subject of possession. Over the course of my Nutritional Exorcism I came to understand that most people are indeed possessed by Dark spirits and Dark thought-forms. I certainly was. Understandably, this information can be highly triggering, as none of us want to think of ourselves as being under the influence of some otherworldly Evil force, but I encourage you to suspend any reactionary disbelief you may have, and try to neutrally discern the alternative. 

If we, humans, are made in the image of God, why don't we act like it? Are we truly “bad” people, or is some outer force influencing and controlling our thoughts and behaviors negatively? Are we actually all possessed? If so, by what? Dark beings with names, and personalities of their own? Possibly. We’ve all likely experienced a disagreement where someone becomes so enraged that they seemingly change into a completely different person, even looking and sounding unlike themselves. –but what if it's much more simple, too? What if possession is as easy as being consumed by Dark thoughts that encourage Dark actions?


--The following is an excerpt from my upcoming book---


Understanding Possession 

 When we think about possession today, the visuals that tend to come to mind are those from scenes in horror films. --people with spinning heads crawling along the walls, spewing obscenities and projectile vomiting. These types of scenes depict temporary or full-body possessions which absolutely can happen, but most of the time possession is actually much more subtle. 

Thought-form possession is likely the most common form of possession today, and afflicts nearly all individuals. Thought-form possession manifests as harmful or fearful thoughts and memories that build up in our minds, and cause emotional, mental and physical imbalances that ultimately damage the quality of daily life we are able to let ourselves experience.  As we know, thoughts are things. They hold energy. –and Dark thoughts hold Dark energy. As we become afflicted by Dark thoughts, without realizing it, we are actually being possessed by Dark energy or Dark spirits. This can include the spirits of anger, aggression, addiction, competition, envy, greed, fear, lust and so on. These negative spirits are able to latch on to us when we have weaknesses or wounding due to unresolved trauma, heartbreak and fears. Once attached to our mental or emotional body, these thought-form possessions sabotage us by pushing bad memories, false memories, general negativity, sourness, selfishness and depravity to the forefront of our consciousness with the aim to Darken our overall personality and inner-spirit. Dark energy or Dark spirit attachments can often appear to us as self-talk that is happening inside of our heads, and this voice can sound exactly like “us,” but it is not. This voice often tells us we are lazy, or not good enough, and will create loads of self-doubt, as well as convincing us that other people are our enemy. --again, this is not the real you. These are imposter spirits that are pretending to be you, and are working in the background as a saboteur to keep you looping in destructive mind sets. These trickster voices will even encourage you to harm yourself and others. Dark energy attachments also purposefully fuel addictions, materialism, narcissism, impulsiveness and will encourage you to seduce or manipulate others for selfish gain or sport. As we falsely identify and accept these voices and negative thoughts as being true to our nature and organic to us, the negative ego and our shadow self grows in favor of Darkness which causes our actions and behavior to become increasingly more negative, immoral and harmful. Over time, this way of being becomes normalized, and if not properly identified and addressed, these types of thought-form possessions can lead to a full shadow self takeover. When the shadow self and negative ego becomes in complete control, a person’s soul is at risk of becoming disconnected or repelled from the physical body, and temporary or full-body possession can more easily occur. As this happens, the individual unknowingly becomes a puppet or portal that Darkness is able to work through to create negativity and chaos in the person's personal life and their community-at-large. If we think about this happening in mass across the globe, it becomes clear that society is at an extreme disadvantage if we continue to remain unaware or deny the commonality of possession. The Truth is that nearly everyone is dealing with possession at some level of severity, and we must be willing to look at how Darkness is altering and disrupting genuine human behavior and our way of life as a species in order to solve the problem.

Although it can be unsettling to uncover and explore these types of Truths, this information is not intended to cause fear, judgment or shame. It is instead meant to empower us, as we can’t fix what we can’t see. When we become able to identify our own possessions and Dark energy attachments, we can better see where fears and negative emotions are controlling and triggering us into reactionary thought-patterns and behaviors. Pinpointing fears and negative emotions allows us to be able to source the events where specific traumas and emotional woundings occurred. When we can put a finger on the experiences that originally created these imbalances, we can then work forward to heal ourselves. Healing trauma enables us to exorcize these energetic thought-demons so that they can no longer cause us to become triggered. As we resolve emotional triggers, Darkness loses power over us, and is unable to wreak havoc in our lives and relationships. In addition to trauma healing, an important piece of the puzzle in exorcizing thought-demons is through the study and cultivation of virtue. True human nature is of Goodness and Virtue, and acts of virtue create a high vibrational field of energy that repels Dark energy.  As high moral character becomes an unwavering part of our psyche, and is demonstrated through our everyday actions and behaviors, Dark spirits will not have the ability to cling to you as they once did, and will naturally be cast out.

To do this successfully, to “face your demons,” we must be honest with ourselves, and be willing to admit where we have had blindspots that allowed Darkness to lead us astray.  As we come to understand just how common possession is, we can more easily move past any feelings of self-judgment or shame, and instead grant forgiveness and unconditional Love to ourselves and others around us. It is important that we as a society come to better comprehend possession and Dark energy attachments as increased understanding helps to remove the stigma of possession in general. As we become more aware of the energetic reality around us, we can better contend with Dark energy infiltration, and enable ourselves the ability to move forward towards wholeness on a global scale. 

Although we may be experiencing levels of possession, this does not lessen our own accountability for our actions, or serve as an excuse for demonstrating  immoral behavior. Ultimately, we are all personally responsible, and must become accountable for the types of energy we allow to work through us. The easiest way to start recognizing your own thought-form possessions is through the power of asking “why?” Why am I thinking negatively about myself or another person? Why am I acting aggressively towards someone who doesn’t agree with me? Why am I manipulating or deceiving a business associate? Why am I trying to seduce someone else's spouse? Is this really me? –or is something else hiding behind my thoughts and motivations? Remember, if the thoughts you are thinking are of confusion, hate, fear, anger, worry, guilt, insecurity, jealousy, envy or egotism these are not of God. When we question our thoughts, behavior, actions and motivations we can determine what spirit is actually in control of us. The spirits of Love and Goodness (Godliness) will never demean you, discourage you or encourage you to victimize another person, place or thing, only Darkness and the selfish-negative ego will do that. By continually asking why, and making corrections to our thought-patterns where necessary, we can take back our own power and sovereignty by allowing virtue to transform our lives for the better. 

As we make corrections to the way we think it is important to remember that your emotions are valid. Whether it's anger, sadness, disappointment or the like, we have to be able to let ourselves feel our emotions, and acknowledge that they are there. –but where we tend to run into problems is when we allow emotions and disappointments to overwhelm us to the point that we become depressed, hostile or manic when things don’t go our way. Darkness looks for opportunities to ride in on the waves of negative emotions, and when we dwell in these low states we become easy prey for negative thought-forms to grab hold of us and take control. The goal isn’t to become an apathetic or unfeeling robot, but to instead learn how to feel emotion while also being able to shift into a neutral mindset that is not attached to a specific outcome. When we can shift into neutral we allow our trust in God’s plan to take precedence, and this surrender to Divine Will points us toward our correct life path. 

Dedicated self-reflection, neutrality and the cultivation of virtue is how we successfully exorcize our demons, and enable ourselves to become one with the Light of God. –but it is up to each individual to wake up, and take back their own reins. No one else can do this work for us, and Darkness will never willingly concede. We must be willing to fight in order to regain our personal freedom, and that means refusing to be influenced and bound by negative thoughts and voices that masquerade through our minds. You can free yourself. 

Wishing you loving and kind thoughts always,


*If you feel guided, the statement "I am one with God. I am Sovereign. I am Free." is a powerful tool that can be used to establish yourself as separate from Darkness. This can be used in prayer, or as a personal mantra as you go about your day.   

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Good stuff…
“ When we question our thoughts, behavior, actions and motivations we can determine what spirit is actually in control of us. The spirits of Love and Goodness (Godliness) will never demean you, discourage you or encourage you to victimize another person, place or thing, only Darkness and the selfish-negative ego will do that.”

You may be on to something there! Enjoying your work! Keep going!

Lee Myers

Excellent excerpt.

The battlefield of good vs. evil is the mind. Our enemy, the devil, and his minions of dark and evil spirits are always planting thoughts in our minds. We must recognize where these thoughts come from, realize that they are lies, and take them captive. We must replace those thoughts with the truth of God’s word.

Every word we have ever spoken or action we have ever taken in our lives was initiated with a thought.

Happy writing!

Nick Fehn

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